Summer Reading

Mother and Son Reading: Early Literacy Tip

Reading to your child daily will definitely help expand his/her vocabulary.  We want to encourage setting around 20 minutes a day to read with your child, but keep in mind those 20 minutes a day don’t need to be in one sitting.

Another fun way to introduce new words is by writing different words on pieces of paper and taping them to the appropriate object.  For example, you might have the following objects labeled around your house: door, chair, closet,...

Featured Resource

Herrick District Library's access portal to has new features. Among them, users will now be able to log in individually with their library card and PIN numbers, which means Lynda will keep track of their progress and users may print out certificates of completion when a course is finished. Note - when creating the account, answer "No" in response to the question of whether or not the user has had an account in the past.

Lynda offers thousands of self-paced video tutorials on software, creativity, management, business skills, social networking, etc.