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Herrick District Library
300 S. River Ave.
Holland, MI 49423

M-Tu: 9am-9pm
W-Sa: 9am-6pm
Su: Closed

North Side Branch
155 Riley St.
Holland, MI 49424

M-Tu: 10am-7pm
W-F: 10am-6pm
Sa-Su: Closed

Policies are established by the Herrick District Library Board of Trustees for the purpose of governing the library.
Following are a list of current policies:

Patron Code of Conduct
The rights of the individual to the enjoyment of the Herrick District Library should not be unduly abridged or denied.  To guarantee this for all persons, no library patron shall engage in behaviors prohibited by these rules established by the Board of Trustees.

No person shall:

1. Make solicitations inside the Library for any reason.
2. Solicit signatures on petitions in a manner that will disrupt the quiet of the Library, restrict free access to the building, or act in a manner that a reasonable person would perceive to be an aggressive imposition, harassment, or intimidation.  (Those seeking signatures on petitions may only position themselves at either side of the bottom of the stairs at the Main Library entrance.)
3. Smoke on library property.
4. Drink from uncovered containers or eat on the first or second floors of the Library.
5. Enter or remain in the Library without wearing a shirt or shoes. 
6. Wear skates or wooden shoes in the Library.
7. Willfully annoy another person.
8. Damage or deface public property.
9. Improperly remove library materials or equipment.
10. Engage in loud or boisterous conduct.
11. Be in a state of intoxication in a manner that causes a public disturbance.
12. Utter profane, obscene, or injurious language.
13. Interfere with other patrons’ use of the facilities through extremely poor hygiene.
14. Sleep in the library for an extended period of time (more than 10 minutes).
15. Bring pets into the library.
16. Bring weapons, concealed or otherwise, into the library other than as permitted by law.
17. Violate federal or state laws or local ordinances.

NOTE: Cell phone use in the library is discouraged.  Those who disturb the quiet of the Library with a cell phone will be asked to move to the foyer between the entrance/exit doors.

It is the responsibility of the Herrick District Library staff to insure the rights of all individuals to use the library as intended.  The Library staff is obligated to enforce these rules.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Herrick District Library on August 28, 1986.
Amended October 26, 2000; February 26, 2004; April 30, 2009; March 21, 2013.

Meeting Room Policy

The Library provides meeting rooms to support the exploration of ideas and enriching experiences that are the Library’s mission. The primary intent of the meeting rooms is to provide space to implement the regular Library program. Not-for-profit organizations in the community are encouraged to use the meeting rooms to provide programs open to the general public that are educational, cultural, or civic betterment in purpose.   The use of the meeting rooms by outside organizations does not imply endorsement of the organization or its programs by the Library. 

The Library’s meeting rooms shall be available for use free of charge. A charge shall be made for use of the Library’s audiovisual equipment and attendant support. 

Organizations may not use the meeting rooms in such a manner as to monopolize them.

Fees may not be charged nor fund raising events held in the meeting rooms. Continuing education workshops may charge a fee to cover the costs of supplies.

Smoking and alcohol are prohibited in the Library. 

Organizations using the Library’s meeting rooms are liable for any damage or soiling to furniture and fixtures. Use may require liability and damage protection as determined by the Library Director or the Director’s representative.

The Library Director is authorized to develop guidelines and procedures to implement this policy.

Revised/Adopted by Board on June 21, 2007

Internet Use Policy
To further its mission in serving as a lifelong learning center for the receipt of print and non-print information for District residents, the Herrick District Library offers all patrons access to the Internet.  The Library does not offer access to the Internet for the possession of child pornography or to assist persons in the dissemination of obscenity.  As required by Michigan Public Act 212 of 2000 and realizing that filtering software is not completely effective, the Library will take all actions reasonably necessary and possible to prevent minors from accessing obscene material or sexually explicit material deemed harmful to minors (as those terms are defined by state law) in their use of the Internet.  Library staff will supervise use of the Internet.  Disregard for the Library’s rules of use may result in the loss of Internet privileges, subject to appeal and review. If patrons disregard the law in the use of the Internet at the Library, the Library will report the crime to local enforcement and will cooperate with local enforcement officials in any manner authorized by state or federal law.  The Library assumes no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from use of its Internet service.

The Library Director is authorized to develop guidelines and procedures to implement this policy and for review by the Board. 

Adopted by the Herrick District Library Board, September 28, 2000.
Amended by the Herrick District Library Board, September 25, 2003.